June 2019

if youre interested in oshika history, please take a look at the villagers' recollections that ive been posting.

ive also put up some haiku and miscellaneous thoughts, along with the odd photo.

there is also a travel article for lone hikers/wild swimmers.

a simontei event is coming in july, so i will soon be posting details of that. 

March 2019

hi everyone

following the demise of google+ welcome to my new website!

apparently, there are still a few people out there who are interested in what im up to. so this is for you.

google+ ended at exactly the same time as the regular translation job that i had been doing for over a quarter of a century finished, giving me the feeling that this is some watershed moment in my life. ive just turned 69. its exactly 30 years since i came to live in oshika and 50 years since i made my first trip abroad. so what next?